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Wataru Ozu 小津 航 오즈 와타루

Japanese, b.1991

Wataru Ozu creates oil paintings while referencing past works of art, such as oriental landscape paintings, ukiyo-e, western paintings. Recently, he is focusing on the relationship between the painter and the motif and between the setting of the painting space that can be seen in oriental painting spaces, while focusing on the basic themes of painting such as ``still life painting,'' ``landscape painting,'' and ``portrait painting.''
He creates works that reconsider Oriental art. Studied oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts. ​ We showcase his new paintings created in 2024 including one of his representative works of apples on the floor,  gorgeous still life paintings in which fruits, silverware, and glasses are arranged on a table, which are often depicted in classical Netherlands paintings and a new work that quotes the bodegón (Spanish kitchen painting) .

Installation View

Kitchenism, 2024


Five Apples on the Ground_edited.jpg
Five Apples on the Ground, 2024

Figs on the Table
Figs on the Table, 2024
Still life with Glass and Fruits
Still life with Glass and Fruits, 2024
Still life with Silverware and Lobster.jpg
Still life with Silverware and Lobster, 2024
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