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Woolim Lee transforms his daily experience into psychological one with a dreamy, fantastic atmosphere. He has depicted a dreamlike space, where reality and sur-reality exist side-by-side, as well as a boundary between humans and nature.


His works cross the boundary between real and sur-real with fictional figures and animals in the actual backgrounds, such as woods, water, stairs, fields, etc.

He uses his iconic figures and objects in his works like a woman wearing a flower patterned one piece, a man looking outside of canvas with no facial expression, and animals eyeing toward another direction.

His works are represented in the collections of Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art Art Bank. Kumho Museum, DAEGUARTMUSEUM, Seoul Municipal Boramae Hospital. Severance Hospital. Catholic Hospital, Hana Bank. Korea YAKULT co. ltd., 93 Museum. Kiturami Boiler Co.etc., Catholic University Hospital, WHITE BLOCK Art Center and etc.

Installation View

Korean Contemporary Now, 2023
Korean Contemporary Now, 2023


A Walk, 2021
Woolim Lee, A walk, Oil on Canvas, 65×53cm, 2023
A Walk 2, 2023
004. A scean with a monkey,  Oil on Canvas, 65×53cm, 2023
A scene with a monkey, 2023
Woolim Lee, A scean with a hen, resin, Oil on Canvas, 53×45.5cm
A scene with a hen, 2021
011.부엉이가 있는A Scene with an owl, Resin, Oil on Canvas, 53×45.5cm, 2023
A scene with an owl, 2023
Woolim Lee, A scene with a rabbit, resin, Oil on Canvas, 53×45.5cm, 2021jpg
A scene with a rabbit, 2023
A scean with a rabbit oil on canvas,  65×53cm, 2023.jpg
A Walk 3, 2023
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