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Eun-hyea Choi

Korea b. 1983

Gathered Light, Oil on Canvas, 80.3x65.1cm,2022.jpg
Gathered Light, Oil on Canvas, 80.3x65.1cm,2022
Eun-hyea Choi said "My works consist of stitched up fragments of time and visualized figurative experiences that are somewhere between physical experiences and trails of memories. As endless movements are born from time and space as axes, they are translated as layers of colors and abstract forms. I explore a world without limits through the abstraction of the physical world."

In <Toned Landscape>, <Invisible Layer>, and <Collecting Scenes>, the scenes accumulated through experience are expressed in a personal and narrative way through ‘the movement in the mind’, that is imaginary movement. In this work, new movements that are continuously created through a combination of visible and invisible things are expressed. Movements from this time to that time is not distinct in the flow of time and the image is perceived with which allows it to detect midpoints placed on subtle boundaries through unclear forms and colors. The sky blue in the unclear time overlooked through the window of the airplane, the ambiguous pattern in the form of light in the gaze through the movement of the moment are the examples, and these are reconstructed into a multi layered space after being combined with inner perspective or memories.

Her works are represented in the collections of Seoul Museum of Art, Ilshin Foundation,  Osan Museum of Art, Bank of Korea in Korea, and Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery in the U.K.



Japanese & Korean Contemporary "Next" vol2.     
- Others' Landscapes -  

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Featured in The Asian Curator
Apr. 2020

Eun-hyea Choi :


Eunhyea Choi In-Flight Magazine of Asian Airline.jpg

Featured in
monthly in-flight magazine of Asiana Airlines
Feb. 2019

Eun-hyea Choi
Memories in Light

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