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Ai Ohkawara, 大河原 愛, 오카와라 아이

Ai Okawara (Japan, b.1979) visualizes the two sides of things that we face in life, such as the front and back of things, the light and darkness of human's hearts. Using realistic techniques, she creates psychological compositions that depict not only the bright world, but also the inner darkness and things of people as they really are.

While accurately and delicately depicting human bodies and objects, she also deforms parts of human body and background, creating an expression on the border of abstraction.

The beautiful and delicate skeleton that emerges from the skin, the eyes that remain closed, the deformed body, etc., depict the imperfections of an incomplete human being, the beauty that lies within that imperfection and the oozing light draw the viewer into her screen.

Her delicate yet bold brushstrokes, and the contrast of vivid and bright colors drawn on monotone, remind us of a fragment of the reality of life, like darkness and light, two sides of a coin.

She received her Bachelors Degree in Japanese Art  at Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 2002 and her Masters Degree in Japanese Art at the same university in 2004. She currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. Since her first solo exhibition in Ginza in 2003, she has been featured in numerous art magazines, TV shows, movies, and various other formats. Since 2003, she has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions across Japan. 

Beginning in 2007, she expanded her artistic reach to multiple international avenues, including Taiwan, China, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East and Europe. 

She has international followings, having sold her work across Europe, Asia, and North America. Her art is regularly part of various exhibitions throughout Japan.


※All will be available from 9 th Feb. 2024

Ai Ohkawara  ただ静かに降り積もる 12, 73 × 51.7 cm, oil on canvas and mixed media, 2023

Ai Ohkawara

ただ静かに降り積もる 12, 73 × 51.7 cm, oil on canvas and mixed media, 2023



Reality リアリティ:Piers Tobias Alsop, Ai Ohkawara

Reality リアリティ:Piers Tobias Alsop, Ai Ohkawara

News and Press

Featured in BS Fuji TV Program
Just Before The Break ブレーク前夜] 

Ai Ohkawara :


 Ai Ohkawara's works were featured on famous Japanese movies, TV and NETFLIX dramas, magazines, best-seller books and other formats.

※External Link to Ai Ohkawara's Official Website

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