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Myoung-goo HA

Japanese and Korean Contemporary "Next" vol1.

Artist Talk by Myounggoo HA & Opening Reception

: 15 September 2023 (FRI) 6-8 pm

15 Sep - 28 Oct 2023

Alpha Cotemporary

8F Mitahigashimon Bldg. 2-13-9 Mita Minato-ku Tokyo,

Please, come join our opening reception as we launch our first show. Refreshments, sake and Japanese sweet will be there.  Everyone is welcome at this free event.

PROGRAM (6:00-8:00 pm)

Door Open                                                                                            12:00  pm -

Refreshment Serving                                                                           6:00  pm -

Artist Talk by Myounggoo HA                                                            6:30  pm -

※The program is subject to change.

Introduction of Artist


Atsuo Suzuki

Atsuo Suzuki (Japanese, b.1977) calls his own work as a Carved Painting. He creates artworks by painting multiple layers of acrylic paints on a panel, letting it dry, and then carving it with a carving knife.


Atsuo’s paintings are done not by adding lines and colors with paint onto a support like a canvas, but by engraving layers of paints on a panel. This is a unique method that he obtained as a result of confronting paintings with paints on a support. Through his work, in addition to the stunning patterns unfolding on the screen, you can enjoy various expressions of light depending on the angle of light hitting each layer of scraped paint and the viewing angle.

Atsuo Suzuki, carvedpainting23.03.15

61×73, acrylic on panel, 2023

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Myoung-goo HA, Dreaming Whale  180×220×200 mm  Ceramic, Gold, Platinum, Lacquer2023  .jpg

Myounggoo HA

Myounggoo HA connects the memories of the lands of Japan and Korea of his home country in his artworks.


Time and memories are very important themes in his current works and he is interested in and inspired by things that have existed longer than the physical life of human beings. They cover from religious stuff and artworks to daily stuff bear traces of people of the past.

He reinterprets the memories of specific ethnic groups and eras from the traces of people who lived in those eras, and creates unique artworks that reflect the current era and the sense of the land.

Artist Talk : 15 September 2023 (FRI) 6:30- pm

Myoung-goo HA, Dreaming Whale]
180×220×200 (W×D×H) mm
Ceramic, Gold, Platinum, Lacquer, 2023

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