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Honoka Seki
関 帆乃加
세키 호노카

Japan b. 2002

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お父さんは心配なんだよ, Oil on canvas, 194×130.3 cm, 2023
Seki uses creatures and objects that appear to be living as her motifs that include repetitive movements in various expression forms such as paintings, sculptures, installations, and performances.

Her motivation is her own daily discomforts and concerns. Taking things occurred inside herself as a starting point, she explores
outside objects and things.

Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design High School in 2021. Currently studying at Tama Art University. (As of January 2017). Selected for Face 2023, 22nd Art Gallery Home Exhibition, Idemitsu Art Award 2023, and Face 2024.


【Selected at FACE 2023】増殖,130x162cm, Oil on Canvas, 2022


【Selected at FACE 2024】お父さんは心配なんだよ, Oil on canvas, 194×130.3 cm, 2023


Honoka Seki

Alpha Contemporary's Young Artist Support Program
Project Y #1

Honoka Seki

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