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Kanako Ohya

Japan b. 1983

Kanako Ohya
Kanako Ohya
Kanako Ohya draws her motifs from her daily landscapes, past photographs, newspapers, magazines and images on the Internet, and by mixing them together, she depicts  the a sense of anxiety, ambiguity and uncertainty of our reality.

Her unique screens are expressed through the use of brushstrokes, lines, and collage-liked motifs with mixed mediums of oil, acrylic and s a glossy materialwith a white background that cannot be pinpointed to time or place.

Her red and orange space is  not only functions as a dividing line between the viewer and the space within the painting, but also represents the space of the painting where reality and virtuality, fantasy and reality intertwine. Furthermore, this red and orange space represents a highly expressive space that evokes a sense of danger and anxiety in the daily life of intoxication, while also hinting at a strong desire for what is intoxicating. Daily stuff that is a mixture of reality and fiction reminds us of our private daydreams.


Awarded  Grand prize 「The 9th Gunma Biennale For Young Artists」 The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, 2008 and Excellent work「The 28th Outstanding Resing Artist Exhibition in 2009」 SONPO JAPAN Museum of Art, 2009

Her works are represented in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma and etc.


Japanese & Korean Contemporary "Next" vol3.      - Get Drunk -

Japanese & Korean Contemporary "Next" vol3.     
- Get Drunk -  

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