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Others Landscapes

Others' Landscapes vol.2

Kazuki Okamura

Reo Kikuchi

Namu Choi

July 13 2024 - July 31 2024

Picnic at the Gallery - Lunch with artists -

:7/27 12pm

Curation Note

Alpha Contemporary is proud to present 「Others' Landscapes vol2 : Kazuki Okamura, Reo Kikuchi, Namu Choi」from July 13rd to July 31st, 2024.

Marcel Proust (French, 1871-1922), author of  In Search of Lost Time, said:

"What we really have to thank artists for that they show beyond the one world we can see and allow us to see as many worlds as there are artists in the world."

Art can be said to be a formalization of an artist's journey of discovering their own new coordinates through understanding and conflicts with constant observation with objects. As Marcel Proust said, this journey exists as many artists as there are.

Artists view and reinterpret daily or social habits and ideas from their own perspective, and constantly attempt to be free from existing systems. Through their works, we can experience another scenes of life that they uniquely embodied.

Indeed, as Marcel Proust said, the existence of artists is truly something to be thankful for.

You can experience how emerging Korean and Japanese artists perceive the society, era they belong to,  or personal things and how they interpret them with their own unique visual language.

Kazuki Okamura(Japanese b.1983) creates paintings with bright colors and a floating feeling, using drawings from his daily life and while traveling as clues. What begins as a real landscape is transformed into a screen with a mysterious atmosphere, as if it were floating somewhere far away. At the same time, this illusion-like landscape somehow feels familiar to me.


Through Okamura's works, you can experience the boundary between reality and illusion. This experience not only gives us a new perspective on our daily lives, but also gives us hints on how to solve problems with creativity in all kinds of difficulties.


Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, majoring in Oil Painting (2007), Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Master's Program, majoring in Painting (2009). Received the Tagboat Special Award and the Tomio Koyama Jury Special Award at Independent Tokyo 2022 (2022).


Reio Kikuchi (Japanese b.1993) questions the way we perceive and appreciate works and objects. We live in an era where we are flooded with images. Many images are generated every day, and these images control our lives. Kikuchi makes us think about the way we perceive and the act of viewing images that are generated, reproduced, and distributed in large numbers.


Kikuchi paints existing paintings multiple times using the same reference. The images, which are fully reproduced in the original work, are overlapped with various cuts, intentionally leaving traces of editing on the screen. Looking at the reproduced ``non-real'' images, the viewers perceive that they are viewing them as ``the same images as the original works.'' The works introduced at this show are based on UKIYO-E works, but it is also interesting that the prints, which can be reproduced multiple times, are originals. The images that Kikuchi refers to are those on a digital screen, and the ambiguous contrast between the imaginary and the real is set up over and over again. Kikuchi's works make us think about our perceptions as we live on the precarious boundary between reality and fiction.

Entered Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting, majoring in Japanese Painting (2014), completed doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, and obtained Ph.D. (2023). Held numerous solo and group exhibitions. The work is in the collection of the University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts.

Namu Choi (Korean b.1978)  depicts psychological landscapes of people who react to changes in their surrounding environment, such as nature or where they live. Natural objects such as plants, earth, fire, and water are used to create images of her daily feelings of isolation, anxiety, longing for the unknown, and a strong positiveness, using unique primary colors and a delicate yet dynamic screen.


She creates a multilayered psychological screen by adding complimentary colors and heterogeneous colors to light fluorescent colors.

From her experience majoring in printmaking in graduate school, she creates depth in space by using primary colors overlapping rather than mixing colors. Please enjoy Choi Namu's mental landscape, which unfolds through multi-layered expressions such as the materiality created when pigments overlap and spread, the contrast of conflicting colors and transparency.

Graduated from Seoul National University College of Fine Arts, Department of Western Painting (2001), and majored in Western Painting and Printmaking, Seoul National University Graduate School of Fine Arts (2004). Participated in 20 solo exhibitions (as of June 2024) and numerous group exhibitions both domestically and internationally in Korea. Selected of Songeun Art Award (2007), a gateway to emerging Korean artists.

Please enjoy the 3 artists' unique landscapes in person.


01 boundary kazuki okamura

Kazuki Okamura, Boundary, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 91×72.7cm, 2024

06 particle

Kazuki Okamura, Particle, Oil on Canvas, 33.3×24.2cm, 2023

cp2424「copy and paste」(227x227mm)キャンバスに彩色2024

Reo Kikuchi, Copy and Paste, Acrylic on Canvas, 22.7 x 22.7cm, 2024

Namu Choi 04

Namu Choi, The Willow Fall 02, Oil on Canvas, 91×72.8cm, 2024

Namu Choi 03.jpg

Namu Choi, A Person Who Sets Green Fire 07, Oil on Canvas, 33.4x45.5cm, 2024

Reception & Workshop

1.Opening Reception with Kazuki Okamura, Reo Kikuchi and Namu Choi

□Date|13rd July 2024, 12 - 4 pm

□Participating Artists|Kazuki Okamura, Reo Kikuchi and Namu Choi

□Admission Free, Anyone can participate without pre-registration

2. Miso Soup Bomb Workshop with traditional Yukata or Hanten Experience at Contemporary Art Gallery collaborated by salon simpure

Make tasty miso soup bombs with unforgettable Yukata or Hanten experience at contemporary art gallery in Tokyo Tower/Roppongi area. A great class for Japanese cooking beginners! You will learn the art of creating miso soup bomb to impress your friends and family. After the workshop, there is a photographing session in those traditional costume. Choose your best shot, and the photo data will be handed over immediately to you!

Date: 13 July
Venue: Alpha Contemporary

8F Mitahigashimon Bldg. 2-13-9

Mita Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan 108-0073

Time slots:
(4 persons max per slot)

Duration: 40 mins.
Price: ¥11,000 (VAT incl.)

Inquiry/ Apply

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