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Seo-hyeon Moon

Korea b. 1982

나비6, 23x16, Various fabrics, Hand sewing, 2017.jpg
Butterfly6, 23x16, Various fabrics, Hand sewing, 2017

Seo-hyeon Moon (Korea b.1982) creates contemporary patchworks in her unique style while making full use of traditional techniques of Chogakbo, Korean traditional patchwork. She uses recycling scraps of silk from hanbok and other items for her works.

She presents her works that are closer to painting, based on the abstract patterns, compositional beauty, and sophisticated color arrangement seen in the traditional Chogakbo.

You can see this in her following works like Moon Jar series, house series, and butterfly series which utilizes abstract patterns while expressing figurative expressions.

Through the sewing, which is a labor-intensive task, she accumulates time stitch by stitch. Her sensations, and experiences inherent in her life return as shining inspiration and are reflected in the work with each stitch.

You can see the delicate rhythm along with her unique compositional beauty in her works and see that how the traditional Chogakbo is reinterpreted and recreated as contemporary art by her.

Graduated from Kyungwon University, Department of Textile Art, in 2005. Held a solo exhibition at Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center in 2023 (selected by the New Artist Contest Program), selected for the 2021 Kimyo 2021 Opencall solo exhibition contest and selected as a Young Korean Artist at the 2021 CICA Museum of Art.  A number of solo and group exhibitions were held.



Japanese & Korean Contemporary "Next" vol2. 
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Seo-Hyoen Moon


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Seo-Hyoen Moon

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