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Ryung-jae Jung


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The Motion, Polyamide, Silver, Gemstone, 8x14x5cm, 2021

It will not be an exaggeration if it is asserted that craft has been developed both with artisans and progressive technologies of an era. The advancement of technology certainly has played an integral role in the development of crafts. Among those technologies, the propagation of 3D printing based on digital tech is affecting all walks of craftsmanship, proving the technology’s usefulness in the field of crafting. 3D printing technology is allowing artisans to create a new language of formative arts which could not be expressed, by complementing or replacing handcrafting techniques.


Ryung-jae Jung's work features a direct relationship between jewelry and the human body through 3D printing and traditional metal crafting techniques, and the subject of movement. Thousands of chains are printed through digital replication in the form of indeterministic bundles. This is to provide the chance of ‘coincident luck’ that represents the perfection of the limitless possibility of choice, transformation, and adjustment; and to emphasize that a wearer shall only determine the form. After that, the bundle of elastic polyamide chain is worn by a person to complete the firm by sensitively reacting to the consistent movement of the body and the fluctuation of the gravity. The work shall be completed by the wearer, invoking a spiritual reaction of the audience to expand its meaning.


2021 Selected, Schmuck 2021, Munich, Germany

2020 Finalist, Art Jewelry Forum, Texas, U.S

Internationale Handwerksmesse, Marunuma Art Park, Craft Trend Fair, Seoul, Korea

2019 Finalist, Bkv Prize, Munich, Germany

2018 Winner, Gioielli in Fermento, Piacenza, Italy

Honorable Mention, New Taipei City International Metal Craft Competition, New Taipei City, Taiwan

2017 Finalist, Enjoia't 2017, A-fad, Barcelona, Spain

2016 Excellent Achievement of M.F.A, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

2015 Alchimia Award, Joya Art Jewellery & Objects Fair, Barcelona, Spain



2020 Seoul Craft Museum, Seoul, Korea

2013 Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin, Berlin, Germany



Ryungjae Jung_Work2.jpg

Japanese & Korean Contemporary "Next" vol3
- Get Drunk -


Written by Yong-il Jeon, Professor/ Kookmin University

The New World of 3D Art Built through Digital Language

- The Artwork of Jung, Ryungjae -


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