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Kitchenism - All about kitchen -


Sponsored by

Suk-young Lim

May 11 2024 - May 30 2024

※Artworks are also available on our online store  from the starting of the show.

Curation Note

Alpha Contemporary is proud to present 「Kitchenism - All about kitchen - : Kanako Ohya, Wataru Ozu, Yuri Kezuka and Suk-young Lim」from May 11st to May 30, 2024.

This show is focused on the kitchen, the center of daily life. The kitchen is the place where the endless daily labor is concentrated, filled with elements that stimulate the five senses, senses such as; sound of running water, and grilling meat, aromatic scent, tactile sensation of touching raw meat, and so on.

It is  also the place filled with family memories, and efficiency is tested.
We showcase paintings, three-dimensional works, and media art works by Japanese and Korean artists with their own unique perspectives and expressions.

We held workshops related to the show and events such as artist talks.

Kanako Ohya (Japanses b.1983) draws her motifs from her daily landscapes, past photographs, newspapers, magazines and images on the Internet, and by mixing them together, she depicts  the a sense of anxiety, ambiguity and uncertainty of our reality.

Her red and orange space is  not only functions as a dividing line between the viewer and the space within the painting, but also represents the space of the painting where reality and virtuality, fantasy and reality intertwine. Furthermore, this red and orange space represents a highly expressive space that evokes a sense of danger and anxiety in the daily life of intoxication, while also hinting at a strong desire for what is intoxicating.

Awarded  Grand prize 「The 9th Gunma Biennale For Young Artists」 The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, 2008 and Excellent work「The 28th Outstanding Resing Artist Exhibition in 2009」 SONPO JAPAN Museum of Art, 2009


Her works are represented in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma and etc.
Wataru Ozu (Japan b. 1991) creates oil paintings while referencing past works of art, such as oriental landscape paintings, ukiyo-e, western paintings. Recently, he is focusing on the relationship between the painter and the motif and between the setting of the painting space that can be seen in oriental painting spaces, while focusing on the basic themes of painting such as ``still life painting,'' ``landscape painting,'' and ``portrait painting.''
He creates works that reconsider Oriental art. Studied oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts. ​ We showcase his new paintings created in 2024 including one of his representative works of apples on the floor,  gorgeous still life paintings in which fruits, silverware, and glasses are arranged on a table, which are often depicted in classical Netherlands paintings and a new work that quotes the bodegón (Spanish kitchen painting) .
Yuri Kezuka (Japan b. 1984) creates conceptual ceramic works such as installation works. The motifs of the works are household items, indoor equipment, etc. Her works  feature skepticism towards conventional custom, irony, and philosophical considerations.
While ancient pottery reflects ancient thought and life, Kezuka's works also reflect current era. Kezuka uses the primitive material of clay to create modern objects that express the activities of humans living in the present.
Suk-young Lim (South Korea)  showcases works based on kitchen-related motifs from​ ``Chackgado'' and  Chaekgeori  (both are translated to  "books and things") , painting styles of royal palace paintings from the Lee Dynasty. 
​ ``Chackgado'' and ``Chaekgori'' are traditional Korean paintings that were popular from the late 18th century to the 19th century. The paintings depict a variety of objects, mainly books, as well as daily stuff and luxury stuff. They were often displayed as folding screens in the study rooms of literary figures.
``Chaekgeori'' is a work that emphasizes a lighter and more decorative aspect than ``Cheggado.'' ​ ​ In addition, Lim uses natural stone colors obtained from natural materials for her works . The difference between natural stoneware and other materials lies in its eternity. ​


kanako ohya

Ohya Kanako, Scene,  Oil on Panel, 31.8×41cm, 2013

Five Apples on the Ground_edited.jpg

Wataru Ozu, Five Apples on the Ground, Oil on Canvas,  45.5 x 38cm, 2024


Suk-young Lim, 63 x 48cm, 2024


Yuri Kezuka, Places-Sponge and Dishwashing Liquid, Ceramic

Sponge :  W12.3×D8.3×H4.3cm,  Dishwashing Liquid:W5.5×D4.7×H9.1cm



We'd like, with privilege, to announce that our exhibition, "Kitchenism," will be sponsored by "Fissler", a German luxury kitchenware brand with a 175-plus-year history.

As you step in to the gallery, you will enjoy Fissler's beautiful stainless steel pots and cooking utensils, installed along with the works of four artists.



□11st May 2024 ~ 30th May 2024

□Hours|Tue- Thur 12 ―6pm ※Tue:Appointment only by 6 pm the day before

□Venue|Alpha Contemporary



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